7 places where you can start your home renovation

We’ve all been there, you know in the background of your mind that your home needs a makeover. You really want to give your apartment that new look. However, for the life of you, you have no idea where to start from or what to fix first. You are not alone, everyone has moments like this where fixing up or redoing your apartment becomes such a confusing task that you want to throw your hands up and just keep things the way they have always been. You don’t have to be so despondent.

The best way to get over this kind of confusion is to start from somewhere. That’s why we’ve put together this list of possible parts of the home where you can start the renovation game and allow the momentum to push you forward in getting the whole building redone.


The Main Door- The first part of your house that people see, the main door goes beyond just a metallic or wooden structure swinging back and forth on hinges, it’s the portal to your home, and how good it looks will say a lot about your taste and sense of style as a person. You can start the renovation job with the door, you may decide to apply a new coat of paint and glow it up in some nice, new color. If the door has gotten had quite some wear or it’s looking pretty rusty, you may want to consider replacing the whole thing. The door is a really good place to start from since the home starts from there anyway.


General Paint job: If your main door isn’t exactly in need of a replacement or repairs yet, then you may want to start fixing your home with a fresh coat of paint. Doing something major like repainting the whole house will give you the confidence to continue with the other parts of the repair since you’ve taken this first big step.


Terrace et al.  The outside of your home does not have to miss out on any renovation job you may be planning, in fact, your home’s exterior appearance deserves quite some attention and you can provide this by starting your home improvement job from the great outdoors. You can choose to throw in some patio benches, grow some flowers and maybe include a swing set for the kids (if you have the space).


Kitchen and Bathrooms: These parts of the home are constantly exposed to water. This exposure can cause various degrading effects such as paints peeling and even the discoloration of some tiles and ceramics. These factors make the bathroom and kitchen a good candidate for the beginning of your home improvement operations. You can decide to replace the tiles with mosaic designs, marble, or even something more exotic.

The above are all places where you can decide to start your home improvement process from. Just pick somewhere and start getting stuff done.




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